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Joan Miró
"A simple line painted with the brush can lead to the Freedom and to the Happiness."
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The Art and

n the Radio

(Museu d'Art Contemporani of Barcelona)

RWM is a radio project online of the Museu of Art Contemporani of Barcelona.

The programs are available by means of listening à la carte (under demand), it discharges and subscription across a service podcast.

The podcasting is a way of distributing and of unloading the Internet audio files to be able to listen to them in any moment and from any place, with a breeding animal MP3. The users can subscribe to this free service to discharge in an automatic, periodic and rapid way, audio files of the web, whenever a new file is published.

To subscribe and to discharge podcasts it is necessary to have specific programs like:
Juice: http://www.ipodder.org/
Doppler Radio: http://www.dopplerradio.net
iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes

The art in 50 radio programs

Realize, across 50 radio programs, a sonorous trip across the Territories of the Art in the Modernity and in the beginnings of the Romanticism.

A wireless proposal of the critic and philosopher Jorge Juanes.

Listen to them programmed expressed from nùm.1 to n 40 pulsating here

The last ten programs (From 41) he can listen to 50 straight from here:

Click here to get your own player.


Artesonoro.org it is a project that there is born in SINSALaudio, Vigo, with the support of the team of mediateletipos.net, of the Center of Experimental Creation of Cuenca, the Festival Zemos98 of Seville, the Association of artists Alg-a de Galicia, the Association CRC of Madrid, Castile and Leon Web Cultural, and the Radio OndaSonora, of Madrid.

This has been the first team of work in artesonoro.org, but every day this project receives the support of different organisms and associations related to the diffusion of the sonorous phenomenon as the inestimable help of Lloren ç Barber, from Valencia, The space AudioLab, of Arteleku, in the Basque Country, the Association Ertz, Ensemble Nacional of Spain Contemporary music, The stamp Crumbles, in Granada, the team of The Rebellion of the Antirust ones, Chema Chacón with his Musician Difícily other persons who little by little are forming this space of sonorous diffusion.

His target is to serve as portal of access to the projects and artists who are employed at the promotion and publication of the sonorous phenomenon in our language. Also it serves as meeting place for the discussion on the profession and his satellites.

Interactive program on contemporary creation

3 inspects the Pink Fluid program in Radio to the actuality in the ambience of the contemporary sonorous and visual creation [pulsar]

Pink, guided fluid presented by Rosa Pérez, is in the waves of National Radio of Spain (I remove 3) from 1998, and is a program that he bets for the new wireless languages mixing the audio and the video across Internet, trying an interactive game between the listeners.

In Pink Fluid we try to offer in every edition a wide collection of samples of proposals that help us to know where there journey the new artistic languages, the new tendencies and the most emergent art.

Pink fluid, it is a magazine on music and contemporary plastic creation. Pioneer in the use of the new technologies, from his origins supports a living page in the network that renews every week with the contents of every program, where there happen the creators of the both national and international visual culture, the explanatory spaces, the museums, the rooms, the galleries, the groups, etc. It supports a gallery opened for all those that want to take part in her and to hang his proposals on the Virtual “Galería

Pink fluid promotes from 2006, an international contest of Sonorous Art, BROADCASTING ART.


THE CRITICAL EYE is an informative cultural one in a wide and open sense realized by the area of culture of the Informative Services of RNE, in which the information about art has big relevancy.

His habitual format includes an interview in depth to a personage of the actuality of the culture, several reportages prepared in collaboration with the territorial broadcasting stations and a critical section in different specialists intervene.

The program awards annually the prizes that lead his name, a few awards destined to distinguishing the young artists.
[The Eye Critico/blog]

The avant-gardes and the Big War (Audio)

(08-10-2008). Louis Ferdinand Céline wrote to the beginning of his novel 'Trip at the end of the night' on the enthusiasm with which big part of the French population received the explosion of the World War I. Later, est enthusiasm ended in tragedy and horror in the mud of the trenches. Nevertheless, there were great the artists who received with equal enthusiasm the beginning of the conflict. The exhibition '1914, the avant-garde and the Big War' shows us how Klee, Kandinsky, Marc, Schiele, Brancusi, Chagall and many others enlisted to this common feeling. It can turn in the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza of Madrid and to be listened, in the same edition, in our program thanks to our partner Modesta Cruz

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