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Pablo Picasso
"To do like the renaissance, took me a few years; to do like the children took me the whole life."
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The ten most expensive works of the market.
Ancient painting
The most expensive ancient painting of the history.

To buy successfully
Article of
Odalys Sánchez de Saravo

The auctions are the ideal forum for the buy of the most diverse goods, by what nowadays they can be acquired across this method from a house, up to a company in movement, happening for machineries, horses, works of art and up to the articles about common use in our hearths.

This situation is not accidental, since in the capitalist economy that reigns in almost Western the whole world, the just price is reached in an open and free forum where without any type of pressure they converge a universe of buyers and sellers on search of the exchange of the most diverse products.

Undoubtedly, to who he has never bought in auction can assault some doubts and fears as for the scopes, and functioning of this method, and can feel some mistrust, therefore next we present to them some information that will make us shine like understood at the moment of the buy in an auction and will allow us to do a better acquisition.

We will realize the analysis across an art auction, although the procedure is equivalent for any other type of objects.


- I spend 1:
Check scrupulously the catalog of the auction
This is fundamental, in the catalog it is in addition to the conditions of sale that the Auctioneer establishes, sufficient information as to do a previous selection. This first selection must have a reasonable flexibility margin, and it will face in the visit forced to the place of exhibition of the objects to auction it appropriately. To read the whole catalog is the most advisable thing since normally there is very important information in the tiniest letters.

- I spend 2:
Visit the exhibition of the objects that they go to auction
This is the most important aspect since it is the moment in which the theoretical selection that you have realized product of the study of the catalog was consolidated or was changing. Try to concentrate on the chosen pieces, check them carefully, find out his origin and history and quite the auctioneer could offer all the information to him, do not hesitate to request it, a good seller will give him everything the one that needs. This information will feed him on accurate elements for the capture of the decision of buy.

- I spend 3:
Check the tags, frames, frames
It sounds elementary, but often we find a lot of information of the works of art in the analysis of the later part of the work. If the work has certain antiquity time, on having observed the old age of the cloth, the oxidation of the nails that hold it to the frame, the state of the frame (antiquity of the wood), you label that they indicate some element of the history of the piece or of the frame, we can obtain valuable information that allows the reconstruction of the history of the piece, in addition to being something really pleasant because it allows us re-discovering the secrets that the work lodges.

- I spend 4:
Check the catalog again

As soon as the exhibition was visited his criterion must have matured. It will be already in aptitude to decide about his preferences, and will consider the elements that it could have collected. If he is present often at the auctions it already will have an accurate prices reference, but, it is the moment to quarrel across results of previous auctions or of visits to galleries. Now note down in his catalog the price that according to his opinion costs every piece of his interest, also the price notes down that you would be ready to pay for c/u. We are ready to go to the Auction!.


- I spend 5:
Try to fit at the prearranged prices
Come early, check again his pieces, make sure of what he is interested in and bid up to the prearranged quantity, try to fit in the possible thing to this quantity since during the auction it is possible that for the emotion and the rapidity it is possible to fall down in the temptation of paying more of the foreseen for a work.

In any auction the protagonist is the public, therefore he is not afraid to act with the biggest naturalness, feel comfortable, without pressure, enjoy the event and share with his relatives and friends this gratifying experience of acquiring the best piece (the one that you like) at the best price (the one that you also like).



Ansorena Subastas of Art

Founded in 1845. Jewelry shop. You auction. Art gallery.

Alcala You Auction
Alcala You Auction it was created in the year 1999 although his team is formed by persons with long experience on the market of the art and in the world of the auctions.
Velázquez, 2
tel: 91 577 87 97

Maple You Auction
Company dedicated to the sale of antiquities and artistic objects. Barcelona

Art, Information and Management
He is born in May, 1998 impelled by The Mount, Savings bank of Huelva and Seville.

You auction Big Route of Bilbao
Street Estraunza 2 - 4.
Phone: 944418184. Fax: 944416706.
48011 - Bilbao Spain.

Web: you to Die Spain
Auctions calendar: Antiquities, oils, drawings, jewels...

Gallery Exhibitions and Auctions
Specializing in drawings, watercolors and oils XIXth century XX.

Muds Bolaño – Art, Investment and Collecting
Auctions of all kinds of artistic objects. Madrid and Barcelona

Born Subastas
Auctions, evaluations and appraisals. Barcelona

Castilian You Auction
Auctions, evaluations, with visits to domicile. Madrid and Barcelona


Essential for art collectors, bibliophiles...

Durán Subastas of Art

The biggest and most ancient Room of Auctions of Art of Spain. Appraisals and evaluations.

Suite Subastas
Juan de Austria 91. 08018 - Barcelona. Tel. 93 300 14 77 / Fax 93 300 27 60

Moyua Brancas., It salts
Periodic auctions of jewels and art. Bilbao Country: Spain Language: Spanish

It realizes periodic auctions of Modern and Contemporary Art, with special interest in the Venezuelan and Latin-American art in two of his head offices: Madrid and Caracas. Also it realizes on-line monthly auctions of Venezuelan and Latin-American art in his Web place.

Room Withdrew
It is the room of auctions of Box of Madrid.

Setdart. Auction of Art in Internet
The first auctions house specializing online of Spain for painting, sculpture, jewelry shop, archaeology, furniture, antiquities, lamps. Guaranteed authenticity, safety and confidence.

You auction Bilbao XXI
His principal function is that of being an intermediary good for deposit, exhibition or auction of all kinds of objects of art. Bilbao

Auctions Brok
Specialists in Catalan painting. Barcelona

Information about the auctions to which it is possible to gain access from the network and in Spanish.

Creek – Auctions of Art

Auctions of Argentine painting.

Bullrich, Gaona, Wernicke S.R.L
Company of rendering of service and auctions of works of art and antiquities.

Banco Ciudad
You auction in general. Buenos Aires

J.C. Naón and Cía
Art Suibastas from 1903. Buenos Aires.

Created in 1938. It realizes auctions for almost fifty years.

3D Coast Ricás Auctioneers, Appraisers and Liquidators

Street 26,
Avenues Paseo Columbus and second, No. 33-S.
Tel. (506) 222-7382 / 223-0427 / 826-8719
Fax 239-7323
San Jose, Costa Rica

Louis C. Morton – House of Auctions
Created in 1998 as Gallery of antiquities it realizes at present auctions.


Odalys - House of Auctions
Monthly auctions of Venezuelan and Latin-American Art. Virtual shop, You Auction in line.

Of recognized international prestige. London.

Essential reference to collectors and lover of the art.

You to die Semenzato
House of auctions founded in 1959. Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.


Barridoff Galleries Fine Art
Company of auctions taken root in Portland (MA), U.S.A.
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