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Francis Bacon
"The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery."
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- September -
There will be able to take part authors of Spanish, Portuguese nationality and of the Latin-American countries. There will be admitted all the traditional graphic skills (dry top, burin, etching, aquatint, soft varnish, etc.). Works realized by computer will not be admitted. Deadline of reception of works will be September 11, 2009.

Award of Painting Ciutat d'Algemesí
- October - November
There is established an award for 6.000 euros that will be indivisible and it will be possible to declare desert.

Every author will be able to present a maximum of two works, which measurements will not be lower than 100 cm. not superior to 180 cm. for every side.

The term of admission of the works is of October 7 to 14 of novembre, of Wednesday to Saturday. [Bases]

- Young creation -

- May -
Contest of creation impelled by the Town hall of Valencia with the target to reward and to spread the work of young people of the province in different fields: it photographs, short, corporate communication, fashion, cómic and industrial, graphic and web design.

National award of the Traveler of Fuendetodos
- December
Cultural consortium Goya Fuendetodos
The Traveler of Fuendetodos competed
Zuloaga, 24
Tfno: 976 14 3800

Awards Mataró Multimedia 2000
- October.
The works will turn concerning the topic "Hundred Years of one Century". On-line category and Category Off-Line.
It summons: Polytechnical University school of Mataró.

III Certámen of Plastic Arts
- October.
County council of Caceres.
Cultural institution The Broncense. It salts The Broncense.
Round of San Francisco s/n,
10005 - Caceres.

Young Creators
- March
Space Young “Baltasar Gracián
Franco and López, 4
Tfno: 976 71 4930
50005 - Saragossa

You award a scholarship for the Creation of Plastic Arts
- April
School of Spain in Paris
Department of Culture
Pl. of the King, s/n

Contest of Plastic Arts Novos Valores
- April
Museum of Pontevedra. Building Vine shoot
Vine shoot, 51
Tfno: 986 80 4114

You award a scholarship for Plastic Arts of the Foundation to Booty
- May
Foundation Marcelino Botín
Pedrueca, 1
Tfno: 942 22 6072. Fax: 942 22 6045
39003 - Santander

- It photographs -

- October -
The Group Hotusa organizes VII Award Grand Marina of Photo 2007. In this occasion, the contest is dedicated to the “Barcelona topic, lights of the city ”. The protagonist of this award is the system of illumination of streets, avenues, buildings and sceneries of the Barcelona.

To the margin of the important economic award of the contest (valued for whole in 10.000 euros), the big incentive for the participants is that the winning photos are used for the decoration of the facilities of establishments Eurostars Hotels. Also, the prize-winning images will be exhibited, itinerantemente, by the hotels of the chain distributed by Spanish territory.

Award of Painting "Foundation Contsa"
- October
There will be able to take part to these awards all the artists who wish it.
The topic and the skill that will be able to be used will be free.
The following awards are established: The first Award for 6.000 euros; two second prizes for 3.000 and 1.500 euros.
The works will deliver to themselves in the head office of the Foundation Contsa, situated in the street Santo Tomás 17 4th Pta 41004 Seville, Phone: 954-50-03-34, fax 954-21-10-37; Email

Contest of Plastic Arts Popular University of Torrejón de Ardoz
- September
Popular university of Torrejón de Ardoz
London, 5
28850-Torrejón of Ardoz
Tfno: 91 656 3411

XI I reward Painting
"Earths of Iria"
- May
The Town hall of Electoral roll, Rois and Dodro, and the company Aluminum Cortizo SA they sponsor and summon the Award of painting Terras de Iria (earlier Region do Sar).

The awards are valued for 12.000 euros.
[To see bases]

IV contest of Painting "Between Vales"

This one declared bankrupt for form part of the “PROYECTO JARAMA-DANUBIO: V PROGRAM OF ARTISTIC - CULTURAL COOPERATION BETWEEN SPAIN AND SERBIA ”, and it develops in collaboration with the Union of Cultural Services of the North Saw of Madrid, and APRODEL (professionals' Association of Local Development of Madrid). This initiative has between his targets to encourage the art and the artists' creativity of both countries, contributing to the promotion of the interculturalidad. This way during the week in which the Contest develops, the artists with habitual residence in Spain will have opportunity to work along with Serbian painters. [Bases]

II contest the Only Piece "We Believe Create"

Torrrearte, summons III Contest the Only Piece “Creemos, We create 09 ”, and he invites to inform in this one all those creators of any discipline and origin for that they want to declare bankrupt. All that individualized, not serial piece will be considered to be the Only Piece, and without must have been prize-winning previously. The subject-matter, skill and dimensions of the piece will be of free election. [Bases]

The Benefit society declared bankrupt for Painting
- Semi-annual
Granollers (Barcelona)
There is started the second edition of the Contest of painting of The Benefit society of Carmen de Granollers, with the intention of promoting the contemporary creation of new artists of the peninsular panorama. The Contest has semi-annual character and the project presentation will be able to be realized until the next November 20, 2009.

On January 15, 2010 he will communicate with the chosen artists so that they should send his work. The selection of the winning works and the exhibition of the finalists will take place during March, 2010. [Bases]

Contest Drew Contemporary
- September
The Foundation Fernando Mª Centenera Jaraba, with the collaboration of the Town of Alovera, summons the Contest of Contemporary Drawing Prop and Andrés Centenera Jaraba whose term of admission will be understood between September 10 and October 10, 2009. [Bases]

National contest of Painting and Digital Art CARSARTE
- March
Highway of Asúa, 6
48930 - Getxo (Biscay)
Tel. 94 480 51 65

XXVI biennial of Art of Pontevedra
- October
Facultade of Sciences Sociais
Country house of Culture of Pontevedra
Alexander Bóveda, s/n
36005 - Pontevedra

Photographic contest in The Big Pumpkin
- April
There can take part all the users registered in The Big Pumpkin, without age limit. The subject-matter for the contest is a free topic.

The deadline for the reception of the images is April 8. The photos must be sent to the following e-mail address: in the matter to write: Contest LGC, it is essential to point out the finished name, direction and Nick in The Big Pumpkin.

Bases of the first photographic contest in The Big Pumpkin.

Towers García
- city of Mataró - - March -

For the purpose of giving more artistic projection to the name of the city of Mataró in the whole State "Associació Sant Lluc per l’Art Mataró" there has created this Biennial Award of Painting, provided with an important economic award and a jury of big professional prestige.
The term of presentation of works finishes next March of 2007.
The characteristics of the Award and the Bases of the call can turn here.

V contest Foundation Campollano of Contemporary art for Young Artists
- March
Term of Admission of works: From January 8 until March 23, 2007. More information on the page:
I contact:

II National contest of Minipictures
Muz Martinez
- October
There can take part all the resident artists of any nationality in Spain. There is established an endowment for 3.000,00 euros as fund of acquisition. Both the skill to be used and the topic, they are of free election. Every author will be able to present a maximum of two works.

The term of admission of work will be from the publication of these bases until 1 p.m. of Thursday, the 11th of October.
Base in Art gallery San Vicente.
I contact: Email

IV International award of Painting FLC 2007
The Labor Foundation of the Construction of the Asturias summons in 2007 IV edition of the International Award of Painting FLC.

There is established the only award for 15.000 euros, diploma and original sculpture of artist José Luís Fernández. Also, FLC will reserve the quantity for 22.000 euros to provide a fund of acquisition of the works that the jury could recommend.

The bases of the contest and the sheet of inscription can unburden themselves on the web page of the Foundation.

Award of Young Art of the Community of Madrid
- October
Headquarter of Youth
Commission of Education
Avda. America, 13
Tfno: 91 564 2130
Fax: 91 564 2129 28002-Madrid

- June
All the biggest age persons will be able to choose to the Award, and of any nationality, which they are interested in the field of the graphic art, with works that have not been presented previously to any other contest.

The first indivisible award provided with 6.500 euros and an exhibition in the Foundation CIEC
To unload Bases of the Contest.

You award a scholarship and Help 2000 (Plastic Arts)
- June
Foundation Dávalos Fletcher
D.José Vicente Ramón Moreno
Gasset, 5
Tfno: 964 22 36 16


- October -
The Foundation Regional Gazette summons the contest of painting "Young Painters" in order to contribute to the promotion of the pictorial art.

I I declare bankrupt for Plastic Arts Town hall of Melide
- July
Resident plastic artists can take part in the national territory without age limit.

Of all the participants the jury will select 25 finalists. The decision of the jury will become public on June 2, 2008

Only one form is established: Painting,

The topic of the works will be "You sons of Gallicia"
Bases in

Campaign of Cultural activities for Young people Young Murcia
- June
Commission of Presidency of the Autonomous region of the Region of Murcia
Villaleal, 1
Tfno: 968 36 6615
30001 - Murcia

You award a scholarship to enlargement artistic studies
- June
County council of Saragossa
Department of Culture
Square of Spain, 2
Tfno: 976 28 8800
50004 - Saragossa

III contest "Ladrús" of Latin-American Engraving.
Art gallery of Almonte
- October
The authors will be able to inscribe two works as maximum, of free topic, with the following requisites:
a) To be original, unpublished and not prizewinners in other contests.
b) To have dimensions of the role not lower than 50 x 70 cm.
c) Not to be framed.
There will be admitted all the traditional graphic skills (dry top, burin, etching, aquatint, soft varnish, etc.). Works realized by computer will not be admitted.
[To see bases]

XVIII contest of Plastic Arts of the UNED
With an economic fund for 10.000 euros for the work acquisition and without competitive purpose, this Contest is summoned.

There will be able to take part in the Contest all the resident Spanish or foreign artists in Spain who wish it. They will present only one it works that has not been rewarded in advance.
[To extend information]

International contest "Composer Antonio Gualda" of Plastic Arts
- July
Cultural Association Valentín Ruiz Aznar
The forms with which it is possible to take part are a painting, sculpture and graphic work.

The topic and the style of every work is free. There will be valued especially the originality and the creativity of the works.

Several are granted and to the taking part authors who do not obtain award a Certificate of Participation will be facilitated to them
[To see Bases]

I I compete of 'Colors of the Street 2009'
- September
Union of Montejurra
One thinks about how to bring the art over to the citizen of on foot by means of the crossbreeding of the daily thing with the subjective thing, across the decoration of three containers of collection of urban residues.
[To see Bases]

Generation 2000
Social work Box Madrid summons «Generation 2000», an annual project that rewards and impels the work of the creative young people, supporting his work with awards, scholarships and acquisition of work for entire amount for 25 million pesetas, publishing and spreading his work, across catalogs and exhibitions and announcing it between the experts and in the most important artistic forums.

Transverse awards New Tendencies
- November
Spain New Millenium
Castilian , 13 - 2nd dercha
Fax: 91 310 3856

Contest Audiovisualde Navarre
- September.
Opened to born or resident authors in the Spain, with artistic work in support video or CD - ROM, or with artistic projects in Internet. It summons: Government of Navarre. Headquarter of Culture.

You award a scholarship to Group Endesa for Plastic Arts / Biennial odd years
- June
Museum of Teruel
Pl. Brother Anselmo Polanco, s/n
Tfno: 974 60 0150
44001 - Teruel

XXXI National contest of Art of Luarca
- June
Sports center pavilion Pedro Llera Losada
Avda. of the Argentina, s/n

I Award of Painting Field of Cariñen
- I wither.
Cultural Association "The Rudero".
Cno / Villanueva, Nº5, 1º-A Longares,
50460 Saragossa.

Contemporary plastic arts
- June
Town hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz
Painter Vicente Abreu, s/n
1008 - Vitoria

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