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Vincent van Gogh
"That will be of the life if we did not have the value to try anything?."
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International contest for the direction of new Canòdrom Centre d'Art Contemporani of Barcelona

The international contest is summoned to provide the direction of the future new center of contemporary art of Barcelona. The term of presentation of candidacies will remain opened until October 15. The Canòdrom. Center d'Art Contemporani of Barcelona it is a project destined to attend to the diverse forms of artistic creation, to generate knowledge and dialogue and to locate Barcelona and Catalonia in the international map of the centers of art in the frame of the global culture. The center will have to be employed for the development of the social dimension of the art, the culture of proximity and the projection at the community urban and social spaces like form of public intervention, as well as at the task of generating new publics. His especificidad will be the formation and the investigation in the practices curatoriales and the contemporary thought in his diverse expressions and formalizations.
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The director associated for gallery of New York

For prestigious gallery of contemporary art of New York the director looks associated to administer the sales and the relations with the artist. Ready to travel. It must have 5 years of experience minimal and have a clients' base.
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I compete to cover the square of governing / governing of Hangar

Term opened to receive requests: until October 30.

Hangar is a center of production and of support to the creation in the visual arts generated by the proper artists.

The access to all the services of Hangar is regulated across public contests permanently opened to all the creators and the resolution of which he entrusts himself to an experts' committee that is renewed periodically. Every four years, the Fundació AAVC (the juridical entity of Hangar) organizes a contest for the selection of governing / governing of Hangar.
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Promoter of Art

Fmr Group Art (Madrid) offers five vacancies as Promoter of Art. Autonomous / Freelance. University education is needed, with a high cultural level and proper car (indispensable requisite). Facility to be related, communicatively and with well presence.

The Promoter of Art promotes artistic-cultural initiatives, announces the work that thinkers and artists realize on an actuality topic and, finally, he proposes the acquisition of the resultant work.
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Assistant for Art gallery

Assistant to realize works in art gallery of Madrid. Students of Graphic Design will be valued or Beautiful Art. Essential spoken and written English and conocmientos of computer science. Type of part-time contract.
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