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"The artistic beauty does not consist of representing a beautiful thing, but in the beautiful representation of a thing."
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"The thumb" (1965).
Claude Bernard was done for an exhibition in the Gallery on the topic of the hand. This work of artist César Baldaccini (César) is in Marseilles and also it is in the foyer of the Acropolis (the Conference hall of Nice).

In the entrance hall of entry of the Theater Amsterdam (Holland).

Postdam (Germany)

It is a question of a sculpture of 400 kilos of bronze supported by three cherubs, which turns for proper right into the first statue the enema of the world. The sculpture to the enema has been executed by sculptress Svetlana Avakina, who affirms to have confronted the order with “ironía and humor ” (it is evident) and to be inspired by the cherubs of the Renaissance painter Botticelli.

"Hanging man".
This sculpture of a man hung by a hand is in the courtyard out of the museum Kafka.

"Giant penis".
The visitors of a Chinese park of diversions are amazed by the nine meters penis that gets up like symbol of the culture Chamanista. The aftereffects of this monument "It symbolizes the pursuit of the happiness and the prosperity on the part of our ancestors", told the director of the Association of the Popular culture China, Shi Lixue.

"The biggest holder of the world" (1995).
This holder has been fixed in the middle of the Lake of Geneva, as if one had drained of the hands a giant absent-minded person of the Swiss Alps in full snack. It is a work of the Swiss artists Jean-Pierre Zaugg and Georges Favre. This impactantre sculpture of steel shows herself opposite to the Museum of the Feeding of Vevey, in Switzerland.

"The shark".
It turned into the most famous Headington resident when it landed in the roof of the number 2 of the High New street (to see map) on August 9, 1986.
This common house (constructed like one semi-attached in about 1860 but now enclosure of a linkage to the second house for the north) suddenly turned into the center of the world attention, and the head of the shark still today excites interest.

Statue of San Wenceslao mounting a dead horse.
This work of David Cern ý is in Prague, Czech Republic, close to the Square of Wenceslao, where the original statue of Josef Václav Myslbek is with the horse correctly installed.

"Charles de La Trobe".
A contemporary representation of Charles de La Trobe, in the center of Melbourne. This temporary installation was eliminated at the end of June, 2006 and it has been acquired by Trobe University. On having invested the statue of The Trobe, Charles Robb, his author, puts in judgment cloth the purpose of public monuments and his meaning in the contemporary society.

Frankly polemic "source".
While the statues of general Franco are withdrawn in a progressive way in the whole Spain, the town hall of the Galician locality of Caldas of Reis (Pontevedra) has decided to go to cross-current turning into source the head of the previous head of the state, works of artist Fernando Sanchez Castillo, inside "Kaldarte", temporary exhibition linked to the festival of musical "Culture Quente".


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