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Max Ernst
"The art has not anything in common with the taste. It does not exist so that he is proved."
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Master's degrees

Master's degree in Current Art: Analysis and Management

The master's degree in Current Art: Analysis and Management takes as an intention the rigorous study of all the elements that enter game in the current art: from the knowledge of the principal tendencies and artists, up to the institutional politics and of support to the artists, happening for the role that there play the galleries, the centers of art and the museums, or for practical questions relative to the tax system in the contemporary art.

This way, this master's degree has to study in depth for an object the professional knowledge of the different fields that includes the professional practice of the contemporary art encouraging an applicable knowledge profesionalmemte.
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Program of Studies Independent from the MACBA

Requests are accepted for the next edition of the Program of Studies Independent from the MACBA. The classes start on January 14, 2010 and finish in December, 2011.

The Program of Independent Studies (PEI) takes as a target to develop a reflection in the field of the artistic practices that link the art to the human sciences and to the critical - social intervention. In consonance with this target, it tries to encourage and form in the students an attitude and a few skills in the professional ambience, which are based on a critical position with regard to the art and the culture.
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Master's degree in Photo

4th edition. Opened the registration period. I initiate in January, 2010. Number of squares 20. Destined to Pedantic and Professional. Three qualifications to choose according to the modules election New qualifications: "University specialist in History of the Photo in Spain"
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Master's degree on Market of the Art and Management of Related Companies

Nebrija Business School summons for October this Master's degree that has a finished curriculum that includes all the professional aspects of the market of the art, with special attention to the market analysis, the appraisal of the works of art and the development of the visual memory.
It is a question of a master's degree presencial, from Monday until Thursday in night meeting, from October until June, with 60 credits ECTS.
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University master's degree in Contemporary art

The University Master's degree in Contemporary art provides the pupil of the most current formation for the professional system of the contemporary art, where there is necessary the possession of a big diversity of skills and knowledge, both practical and theoretical.

The development of the program covers such aspects like the deepening in theoretical questions of the first order, associated with the contemporary thought in the context of the artistic production, and the interrelation of the work of art with the society and the current culture.
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You award a scholarship “FondoArte ” to study Master's degree studies 2009-10

“FondoArte – Art Consulting ” summons twenty scholarships to study Master's degree studies in the Top Institute of Art · I|Art. The economic endowment of each of these scholarships covers 50 % of the entire amount of the Master's degree, what supposes a real incentive for all those Bachelors and top alumni who want to keep on forming and acquiring the professional hardware necessary to penetrate on the labor market.

The finished bases of the call are available in Internet and in the Secretariat of the I|Art, or can be requested by e-mail to
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Master's degree of Art, Museology and Criticism Contemporary

This master's degree of the University of Santiago de Compostela centers on the ambience of the specific knowledge of the art of last decades, including from conceptual, critical aspects up to the practice of the world of the museums and the management of the contemporary art.

It is faced to all those that want to form like professionals specializing in the world of the contemporary art: criticism, museums, centers of art, galleries. To understand all these phenomena they will be adopted opposite to the traditional methods, transverse models combined with classes and workshops of practical type.

Pre-enrollment from September 1 until September 30.
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