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Antoni Tápies
"The art is the philosophy that reflects a thought."
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Work of Salvador Ribes. "Viositadors". The first award in the call of 2008.


1. An award of 6.000 establishes € that will be indivisible and it will be possible to declare desert.

2. The jury reserves the right to suggest the acquisition of more works, by way of second prize. To the effect it will govern the economic evaluation of the work that the author will present, in on enclosure, in company of the papers of inscription that is requested further down.

3. Indispensable condition will be that the presented works are the only and original and that have been selected neither nor prizewinners in another contest. The topic and the skill will be completely free. Also, there will not be admitted works protected with crystal or realized with materials which transport represents a risk for the integrity of the work.

4. Every author will be able to present a maximum of two works, which measurements will not be lower than 100 cm. not superior to 180 cm. for every side. They will present before themselves framed, if it proceeds, with a wooden strip of wood, and there will adhere to the back of every work the bulletin of inscription (body C).

5. The prize-winning work will happen to be an exclusive property of the Town hall of Algemesí, which, like owner, will be able to reproduce it whenever he considers it to be necessary in any type of support or skill (photo, engraving, lithographies, etc.). 6. The term of admission of the works will be of October 7 to 14 of novembre of 2009, of Wednesday to Saturday, with schedule from 11 until 13 hours, in the morning, and from 17.30 until 19.30 hours, in the evening.

7. The works will be able to be delivered personally or envoys, with freightages paid for haulage company, properly protected by a packing of pasteboard or a wooden box, to the following direction:

Museu Valencia of the Festa c / Nou del Convent, 69-71 46680 Algemesí (Valencia) Telef.: 962018630

8. The candidates will record in the body A of the inscription bulletin a résumé and a photocopy of the ID card or passport, which will be delivered in the record of entry of the works, and one on enclosure with the name of the author i the title of the work, in whose interior they will put his economic evaluation.

9. The prize will be awarded by a jury whose composition will be announced in due time. The jury will realize a selection previous to the presented works, of between which the winner will be selected. An exhibition will be realized with this one that will include a catalog.

10. The verdict and the date of the official act of delivery of the awards they will become publics in the municipal web of the Town hall of Algemesí

11. The presented and not chosen works will be able to be withdrawn from the following day of the publication of the verdict of the jury. The artists will be able to gather them personally or an authorized person, with the delivery previous to the body B of the bulletin of inscription, which will have to be refilled and sealed by the Town hall. Passed 30 days of this date, it will be understood that the author resigns from his property and they will stay being able of the Town hall.

The works selected for the exhibition will be returned by the organizing entity with the same system of packing in which they were received.

12. The Town hall will look over the conservation of the written works, but it does not take responsibility of the damages or losses caused by the transport, theft, fire or other circumstances that took place while they are in possession of the Town hall.

13. The Town hall reserves the right to realize the pertinent modifications in these bases whenever he thinks that they can contribute to the best development and to the success of the contest.

14. The participation in this award supposes the acceptance of these bases.

15. The decisions taken the committee of admission and the jury are inappealable.

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