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Leonardo da Vinci
"The painting is a mute poetry; the poetry blind painting."
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Cathedral of Vitoria
Realize a virtual trip for the cathedral that has inspired Ken Follett, the second part of "The props of the ground".

Magnificent examples of medieval and baroque architecture.

Book selection of Artistic Routes.



iajar it does not consist of doing only way, but in the search of the personal enrichment during the trip.
In this section, of interesting cultural routes, the trip and the art they melt in only one end.

The Barcelona
of Pablo Picasso

Carrer Montcada, 1889-1905

The trip for the houses where he lived and Picasso worked, for the places that it was frequenting, provides more than one surprise to the curious visitor. Some of them will discover, perhaps, the city itself: his secret corners that many of the characteristics preserve of those years on horseback between the XIXth and XXth centuries.

Romanesque and
Medieval art

Cultural routes

It will find information about monuments, routes, news, books and other articles related to the Romanesque one and other related styles (in the fields of the architecture, sculpture, painting, etc.)

The Cities
of Salzillo

Cultural routes

Owing to III Centenary of Salzillo there have been prepared tourist-cultural routes that, under the denomination of “Las Cities of Salzillo ”, will announce the works of the maker of religious images, his father and his disciples in other cities murcianas, as well as the traces that the artistic declarations of the epoch of the Baroque and of thought of the golden Century (XVIIIth Century) have left in the Region.

of The Brave man

Cultural routes

The tracing of the Way of The Brave man is based essentially on Singing of Mine Brave man. In his trip it is possible to contemplate a rich artistic patrimony that is in the places for the one that thinks up this medieval route.

The Romanesque one in
the Milky Way

Cultural routes

The climax of the Romanesque, first international style of the Middle Age, it continued to the consolidation of the Way during the XIth and XIIth centuries. The cultural exchanges arisen from the peregrination provoked that this artistic movement, with his regional variants, was spreading over the whole Europe.

The routes of

Cultural routes

Of form parallel to the Cultural Itineraries, The Legacy Andalusí proposes to strengthen the offer of tourism of interior that unites a demand impelled by the wide Andalusian potentialities based in historical, cultural and landscape resources by means of the promotion of the Routes of to the-Andalus.

Cloisters and Reredoses

Cultural routes

These activities start with a walk along the most beautiful Spanish cloisters —fundamentales elements in the European temples — and the most important reredoses, which are one of the showiest declarations of the Hispanic religious art.

The Ages of the man

Cultural routes

Curiously the patrimony property of the Church in Castile and León is numerically the most important of any region of Europe. It means almost 80 % of the whole of Castile and León and rubs 50 % of that of the whole Spain.

of Spain

Cultural routes

The works that can be contemplated, belong to the photographer Eduardo Mencos, offer us the opportunity to approach a little more to Spain and to know this way up to the subtlest tones of his culture across his stages.

I walk of
San Vicente Mártir

Cultural routes

In this web, along with the practical information as maps and profiles of the route, the pilgrim can gain access to advices for walkers, a specializing forum and abundant information on the biography of San Vicente and the art or the architecture dedicated to the Saint

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